HOW TO STYLE: T is for Timeless Button-up Shirtdress// Adell Uy

Stuck between styling yourself & being lazy?

If a casual day calls for something stylish & on the go but you’re too lazy to look for something that requires you to go over your 5-year-old closet, and when I say on the go—- moving, bending, or just enjoying the day without worrying about bending over and exposing a little too much, especially when you’re wearing anything semi-long and semi-short, then pairing shirtdress with shorts is a good combination! Throw that chain sling bag to give your outfit some sophisticated touch! And don’t forget to put that game changer sandals before going out.

(tip: Leave some buttons opened so that you can channel out any necklace that you’re planning to wear! )

button-up shirt dress:



Prada Nylon Tessuto Saffiano Clutch Sling Bag; nylon X leather


Jelly sandals by Jellies




Much love,

Mademoiselle Adell


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