#Atalks // Adell Uy


Bright days? Happy thoughts? Days you never want to end?

Suddenly, things revolved, rotated, spun, rolled & gyrated. (In the most unexpected time, when you thought all things are on your side, but no)

You will collapse, stumble, fall and even your grip on the rope will start hurting your palm, it would hurt so bad that you don’t have any other choice but to let the rope go. That putting what you feel into words doesn’t even work anymore. But you can’t stay like that all the time. You need,not only need, but actually, you are bound to get back up again, to heal your wounds,and to hold the rope again, tightly, for the second time around.

And you won’t even notice it, but slowly, you’re being okay.


There are days when it all comes back, that when you actually think that everything’s in place already, you will feel this hole inside you, an empty hole.


And this day would come, when you’re finally able to realize that..

No matter how many heartbreaking words they tweeted and “pagpaparinig” that pops up your name into the minds of people who knew nothing but the other side of the story, be grateful.

No matter how many people were used, so that they would be able to keep track on how hurt you are,be grateful.

No matter how everyone who you thought is gonna stick by you through thick & thin,who actually left you, be grateful.

No matter how many backs have turned away from you, be grateful.

No matter how many sobs had escaped from your controlled silent tears, be grateful.

No matter how much pain it caused you, be grateful.

No matter how bad, two-faced, untrustworthy & treacherous they think you are, be grateful.


Much love,

Mademoiselle Adell  



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