Frolicked in the water

Looking for an island that’s just 2 hours away from the concrete jungle called Manila? Or when you’re looking for a place to burn 400 calories, IN JUST AN HOUR?

DSC_0407 (2)

♥Inflatable Island PH, which is the biggest floating playground in Asia is floating above the sea of Samba Bluewater Resort, Subic Bay. The playground is 3,400 sqm. and as big as 8 basketball courts. It contains inflatable slides, swings, towers, human launchers, trampoline and many more.


DSC_0288 (2)


via driving: Inflatable Island PH is already in Waze! But there’s also a gas station that will guide you and give you instructions.

via commute: Ride a Victory Liner bus (there’s one in Cubao) bound to Olongapo. From the Olongapo terminal take a blue jeepney outside and asked the driver to drop you at Inflatable Island/Samba Bluewater/Half Moon Resort. OR you can ride a bus bound to Iba, Zambales and asked the driver as well to drop you to Inflatable Island.

 step 1 (buying your ticket):


Before you buy your ticket and play around, let me inform you that there’s a specific height requirement. 3 ft is the minimum height they will allow in the playground. And the little kids (3ft to 4ft) are required to have someone who will supervise them.

♥They only allow 250 people inside the island, so you better book online or go there early!

♥You can choose between 2hours, half day or whole day of playing in the inflatable playground, which includes using the beach for the whole day and having that lovely spot in the Bali lounge. ooops first come, first serve



They have a wide space for FREE parking!


There are stalls inside, but you can also bring your own food.

shower area?

Yes, they have, and it’s clean.

 Bali lounge

It’s a cozy place to just chill, take a nap, scroll over your phone, take pictures and eat while waiting for the time they call you for the orientation. A big check for their Bali-inspired lounge.


DSC_0306 (2)DSC_0325 (2)


step 2 (orientation):

Attend the briefing class 15 minutes before your time slot.

This is the time where the safety rules are discussed and waivers are signed after before getting your life vest. Follow their safety rules or else they’re going to kick you out of the playground. You don’t want that to happen right?


here are some of their rules:

-Action cameras and phones are allowed on the playground. BUT t the selfie sticks are on the shortest length (1ft) to avoid hurting other people.

Life vest is a must (there are 15-20 lifeguards inside, but your own safety should be a priority)

Don’t remove your wrist tag.

  • attire: you’re not allowed to wear anything that has zipper or buttons. They will check everything, including your accessories, right before giving your life vest.

-You can’t swim under the inflatables.

step 3: play play play

DSC_0354 (2)DSC_0408 (3)

check out their site for more info: http://www.theinflatableisland.com/

DSC_0292 (3)DSC_0295 (2)DSC_0348 (2)


♥What’s really nice about it is that you can explore around the place even if the time slot you paid for is already done. So when you’re tired but still want to soak yourself and just chill and float, here you go.DSC_0430DSC_0431DSC_0448DSC_0451


(photo above) that’s my momma @richuyiam//Instagram. Well, chilling at the part outside the playground is free. So make the best out of it!

What Mademoiselle Adell says with her twisted tongue:

The whole place is really nice and instagram worthy @adellx, each station is organized and the whole staff was accommodating, no doubt why the well-known local bloggers love this place. And I loved it too!


Much love,

Mademoiselle Adell♥


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